An Arboretum
is perpetually
evolving and

« Planting its roots and unfolding its wings»

Arboretum College is aimed at children whose parents have an understanding of what’s at stake in an excellent trilingual education, which moreover takes account of a crucial balance between essential academic knowledge, the tools for obtaining with pleasure and autonomy even greater knowledge and human knowledge that is connected to the highly intuitive.

Our young and precious trees will plant their roots deeply in the good earth then unfold their leaves for the rest of their lives towards infinity.

A twig blossoms without asking why.

In the three languages used at Arboretum College, the word ‘Arboretum’ has the same meaning: it designates a group of plant species each of which is placed in ideal conditions for development.
The team of teachers at Arboretum College will listen to the feelings of the adolescent, whose rhythm it will respect.
It won’t be a matter of pushing the growth of our young trees but of guiding it, so that they may develop their potential in good earth.

An Arboretum is a collection of rather rare plants.

The team will make every effort to guide each student to achieve his or her best based on his or her potential, assets and the context. To do so, the team members will develop tools that will allow the students to acquire essential knowledge independently. We will arouse their curiosity, spur them on with no ulterior motive to develop their skills and abilities to go even further… Everyone will respect the Arboretum’s unique academic culture, which consists in combining a taste for effort with a respect for a job well done. It is better to have a well-made head than to have a well-filled head…